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Welcome to The Bishops' House.


"The Friends of The Bishops' House" is a non-profit organization dedicated to the historic preservation of this grand old building. This beautiful building was once home to a succession of the Episcopal Bishops of Idaho. Each of the men who served as the head of Episcopal Diocese of Idaho lived in this home with their families while serving in the capacity as the Episcopal Bishop of Idaho. The original house was built in the late 1880's and was remodeled to its current stately, towered Queen Anne style Victorian home in 1899.


To schedule your event The Bishops' House, please give Amelia Berg a call at (208) 342-3279.

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Every year, The Friends of The Bishops' House work towards restoring and sustaining the house. We also sponsor many events for the public, from Lecture Series to open tours of the house.So much of what the house is today, and where it stands, would not have been possible without grants, fundraisers, donations and volunteer work from our generous community.

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2020 Victorian Holiday Open Parlors!
wedding at the bishops' house

It won’t be the usual during this unusual year, but it will still be overflowing with the magic you’ve come to expect from the annual winter wonderland at The Bishops' House!

Our main floor is spectacularly decked with Christmas beauty, and the warmth and charm which fills this Boise architectural jewel will be the perfect start to your season. If you have attended before, you won't want to miss the innovations this unusual year has added to our display!

To learn more about the event as well as hours, please click the button below!

click here for details!

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Be sure to log in to your Amazon account at, and choose “Friends of the Bishops House Inc” as your designated nonprofit.A small percentage of any eligible purchases will go towards preserving and sustaining our historic home whenever you order through take that extra step and start your purchase at to support our efforts here at The Bishops’ House

Calendar of Upcoming Events
check back for new events in 2018

Contact Skip Critell if you're interested in a living historian at your next event.

Feb 2
Assisted Living, Caldwell, Idaho
Feb 14
Awana Council Time- Ten Mile Community Church, Meridian, Idaho
Feb 15
Awana Council Time- Lake Hazel Bible Church, Boise
March 5
Idaho Territory Celebration, State Capitol, Boise
March 11
Wedding- Independence of the Seas- Mexico
April 7
Park Day( Cemetery Clean up)
April 19
Patriot Day, Idaho State Capitol
May 5
Eagle Island Living History Event, Eagle Island State Park
May 18
West Ada School Dist. 4th Grade Rendezvous (Closed Event)
May 19
Parade America, Nampa, Idaho
May 28
Memorial Day Services, Boise, Idaho
June 2
Global Villages, Ontario, Oregon 11 to 4pm
June 7
Pioneer School Play- Centennial High
June 9
Fort Boise Days   Parma, Idaho
Sept 8
IFARM-Jerome County Historical- Twin Falls, Idaho
Oct 6-7
Gem County River Through Time- Emmett
Nov 10
Veteran’s Day Parade, Boise, Idaho
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